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About Stan

Your Dedicated, Dependable & Trustworthy

Senior Travel Companion

A lifelong Tennessean, I was born in rural West Tennessee, Martin, a small town.  I completed my formal education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, major in Construction.


Upon graduation, I chose to be employed in the electric utility industry. This career lasted 33 years with positions including: engineering, management, and ending as a lobbyist in the Tennessee State Legislature for the 55 municipal electric systems operating in Tennessee.

My second career involved construction of residential/remodeling homes as a state licensed General Contractor in Nashville, Tennessee.

I am a devout Christian and strengthen my faith in the United Methodist Church. My wife, Mary Ann, and I have been married for 53 years. We are the parents of one son.  Mary Ann retired after spending 50 years in elementary education. We are presently fulltime motorhomers living in Tennessee during the summer months and in the Tampa Florida area during the winter. Both of us have always been loyal followers of the University of Tennessee sports teams.

Words to describe Stan are:
dependable, caring, organized, leader, self-starter, trail-blazer, innovative, multi-tasker, decision-maker, common sense, finisher, and forward thinker.


Past Honors and Positions: 
Treasurer of a Methodist Church, Named Annual Outstanding Citizen of Obion County, Tennessee, Recipient of National Leadership Award; President of: Martin Rotary Club, Obion County Chamber of Commerce (2 years), Union City Industrial Development Board, West Tennessee Managers Association, West Tennessee Industrial Association.

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